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Keeping your carpets clean is essential for any business or homeowner. Clean carpets are more attractive, give the right impression about your home or business, and are more hygienic for the people who come into contact with them. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning myths continue to persist, often leading to what is, simply, some bad carpet cleaning advice.

Read on for some of the most prevalent myths about steam cleaning carpets.

Myth #1—Newer Carpets Don’t Need Steam Cleaning

Your carpet may look new, but remember that it was designed to effectively hide wear, grime, stains, and other buildup. In fact, by the time you notice staining and grime, more extensive damage has likely already occurred. Schedule regular cleanings for newer carpets to maintain a clean appearance.

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Myth #2—Frequent Steam Cleaning Damages Your Carpet

Modern carpets are designed to withstand vigorous cleaning and stand up to daily vacuuming and regular steam cleaning. At a minimum, vacuum regularly and opt to have your carpets steam cleaned yearly or twice yearly. For best results, ensure you don’t let more than 18 months elapse between cleanings.

Myth #3—Steam Cleaning Causes Carpets to Attract Dirt

Some carpet cleaning methods—such as renting a cleaner from your local grocery store—can cause your carpet to collect detergent and excess water. As a result, your carpet may build up residual dirt and grow dingy and stained much more easily. However, a professional steam cleaning properly rinses out all cleaning agents and dirt, leaving your carpet clean and free of any residue that can attract grime.

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Myth #4—Steam Cleaning Can Cause Mold and Mildew Growth

Utilizing a store-bought carpet cleaner that leaves your carpets soaked with water for days can promote mold or mildew growth. However, properly handled, professional steam cleaning does not create mold or mildew. When done correctly, a professional steam cleaner will extract most of the water from your carpet, allowing it to dry fully within a matter of hours.

Myth #5—Off-the-Shelf Cleaning Products Work Just Fine

Store-bought cleaners often leave behind a residue, attracting grime that looks worse than the original stain. In addition, those deodorizing powders you sprinkle on your carpet tend to build up and settle into the pile, coating the fibers, attracting grime, and potentially damaging your vacuum cleaner. Instead, utilize a professional steam cleaning service to ensure you’re keeping your carpets safe and healthy.

When you need professional carpet cleaning in Toledo or the surrounding areas, you can rely on Professional Surface Restoration. Our advanced steam cleaning technology and professional-grade cleaners ensure your carpets are clean, dry, and resistant to buildup and mold. Contact us today to schedule your next carpet cleaning.