Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional Surface Restoration offers tile & grout cleaning in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding communities that restores your tile flooring to a like-new condition. As beautiful as tile flooring is, it often becomes increasingly difficult to keep clean after a few years. The tile begins to look dull and the grout appears extremely dirty even when you clean your floors often.

Grout is a fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps between tiles. Incorrect installation of flooring and shower surfaces can cause this problem. Some contractors neglect to seal these surfaces, leaving the grout much more susceptible to attracting dirt and grease.

Most traditional methods of cleaning a tile floor get only the surface layer clean. This leaves dirt, bacteria, and airborne pollutants between the cracks. The best way to enjoy a clean and healthy environment is to schedule regular tile cleaning and grout cleaning with us.

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Our specialized cleaning equipment combines high-pressure water, heat, emulsification, and vacuum pressure extraction to break up and remove dirt from the surface level and the cracks between them. To start the cleaning process, we pre-spray your grout and tile with alkaline detergent that does not harm it in any way. Next, we heat the water to between 180-270 degrees, pressurize it, and continuously extract the dirt and water.

After cleaning your entire tiled floor, we close the pores in the grout to prevent dirt from penetrating in the future. Our water-based sealer won’t change the appearance of your grout or tile.

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Frequently Asked Tile & Grout Cleaning Questions

What is grout?

Grout is a mixture of water, sand, and cement. It’s used in tile flooring to fill in the space between tiles during installation.

How does grout get dirty in the first place?

Grout can get dirty over time due to improper installation and neglecting to correctly seal the surface, making it more susceptible to collecting dirt and bacteria. In a business environment, high-traffic areas can get dirty quickly with people walking on the tile floor. Grout also easily absorbs grease, dirt, mildew, and other bacteria because it’s porous, so it naturally becomes dirty eventually.

Why is it important to clean tile and grout?

Tile and grout can harbor bacteria, mold, and other harmful microbes. Over time, it can affect the flooring, create foul smells, and ruin the indoor air quality. Even if the surface looks clean, the grout may be hiding dangerous bacteria that needs cleaning.

How often should you clean tiles and grout?

Tiles and grout need cleaning depending on how much traffic the flooring receives. In busy places such as kitchens, lobbies, and supermarkets, clean them often to remove any dangerous bacteria that could be growing in the floor. Places with less foot traffic, such as showers and bathrooms, need cleaning occasionally, but it’s good to keep an eye on the flooring to make sure mold, mildew, or limescale isn’t collecting in the bathroom. But in general, tiles and grout need cleaning every two to five years.

What’s the best way to clean grout?

The best way to clean grout is to spray alkaline detergent onto tile floors and then use cleaning equipment specifically for cleaning grout. This equipment will use high-pressure, heated water, and will extract the dirt from the grout.

How do you keep grout from getting dirty again?

Using a water-based sealer will help close the pores in the grout and prevent it from getting dirty as quickly. It also won’t change the way the grout and tiles look. Grout still needs cleaning regularly, but with a sealer, it won’t need cleaning as often.

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