Natural Stone Cleaning

Floors made from granite, marble, travertine, and other types of natural stone require special maintenance and care to retain a polished, sophisticated look. Without this care, stone flooring will eventually develop blemishes that compromises its integrity and detracts from its natural beauty. Unfortunately, acidic commercial cleaning solutions can quickly destroy stone tiles. Professional Surface Restoration offers natural stone cleaning to homes and business owners in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding communities that gives this type of flooring its well-known high-end look.

Our Natural Stone Cleaning Process

Before we do any cleaning work, we inspect your stone floor to determine its specific needs. We then place a protective sheet over all areas surrounding your stone floor to keep them safe and dry. Some of the unique considerations when determining the best way to clean your floor include normal foot traffic patterns, type of soiling present, and your typical maintenance schedule. We use scientifically advanced cleaning products to scrub and brush your natural stone floor by hand or with a machine. The last step involves using a hot water extraction system to achieve maximum removal of soil.
We hone and polish the surface after completing natural stone cleaning. For honing, we use water and diamond abrasives to restore your floor’s natural sheen. We then apply a mechanical finish to ensure a glossy shine. This removes light scratches, scuffs, and etches as well. For deeper marks, we use a process called diamond grinding. Our water-based sealer is also beneficial for the grout as well as natural stone.

The natural stone floors in your Toledo, Ohio home can be a thing of beauty once again. Please contact Professional Surface Restoration to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate.