Wood Floor Cleaning

For many Toledo, Ohio home and business owners, wood floors make an attractive alternative to carpet. They also require regular cleaning, waxing, and buffing to retain their quality and shine. However, this polished look can be difficult to achieve with commercial cleaning products and equipment. Professional Surface Restoration uses the highest quality of both to give your floor a look you’re proud to let others see. Our wood floor cleaning technicians are experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection and satisfaction.

Our Process for Cleaning Your Wood Floors

The first thing we do when we arrive at your home or business is identify the type of finish for your wood floor so we know which type of sealant to use. Next, we thoroughly mop and clean the floor to eliminate the build-up of dust and dirt on its surface level. We’re now ready to buff, wax, and polish your wood floor to give it a deep clean and remove all stains. If you have problem areas, such as penetrating scratches or discoloration, we create and implement a specialized treatment plan to remove them.

We lightly sand all of the old urethane off and prep the floor for two more coats of wood urethane. This process will eliminate all the dirt and remove surface scratches. You can choose either a glossy or matte finish.

Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

Everyday foot traffic, spills, and other activity can cause your wood floor to age prematurely and take on a dull appearance. Deep cleaning and waxing restores the natural beauty of your wood floor and makes it more resistant to wear and staining. Protect your investment by scheduling a wood floor cleaning today.

Professional Surface Restoration serves home and business owners in Toledo, Ohio and all surrounding communities.