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October 2017

7 Reasons to Choose a Company That Uses Green Cleaning Solutions

By Green Cleaning Solutions

Green Cleaning SolutionsMany commercial cleaners are harsh and can be detrimental to the environment. Professional Surface Restoration uses only EPA-approved technologies and cleaners that are ecologically responsible. Using green cleaning solutions and products is critical in protecting the environment and the health of your family (e.g., less likely to trigger allergic reactions, better for children and pregnant women, etc.). Read on to learn more about the benefits of green cleaning solutions.

Green Cleaning Solutions for a Healthier Home

Green cleaning removes potentially harmful chemicals from your home, preventing accidental absorption or inhalation by you or your family. Use of a cleaning spray increases the risk of asthma, the most common chronic illness among children in the country. Going green with cleaners can also reduce health problems with the eyes and lungs and prevent potential headaches, and can even eliminate the need to use chemicals present in normal cleaners that have been linked to reproductive risks.

Clean Environment

Cleaners release harmful chemicals, which is bad for you and the environment. A switch to green cleaners helps in reducing air and water pollution and cuts down on ozone depletion, thus helping in the fight against global warming. Many green cleaners are distributed in recyclable materials, meaning fewer waste by-products.


Because green cleaners use safe products, your skin and eyes face fewer risks from chemical burns. Green cleaners are not corrosive and comply with strict EPA standards for inhalation toxicity, combustibility, and skin absorption.

Better Air

Strong chemical odors permeate a space, leaving a stench that burns the nose. Green products, store-bought or home-made, largely feature the pleasant smells of essential oils, adding an element of aromatherapy to your cleaning.


If you make a cleaner from vinegar, olive oil, or lemon oil, you will spend pennies compared to dollars for your cleaning products. Crack open that pantry and see what you have on hand that will do the trick.

More Bacteria

The FDA declared that anti-bacterial soap had no cleaning advantages over regular soap and contributes to spawning resistant bacteria. One element in antibacterial soap can affect the function of your hormones and thyroid. Green cleaning products do not contain any of these elements.


Currently, companies are not required to show a full ingredients list on their cleaners. If you make cleaning products at home, you control what goes into them. This can help you be more aware of what is being used to clean your house and can eliminate any unknown ingredients that could harm you.

Keep yourself informed and your home safe by choosing green cleaners. To schedule a cleaning with a company that uses EPA-approved and environmentally friendly solutions, contact Professional Surface Restoration today.