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May 2023

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The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

By Carpet Cleaning

Carpets give you, your family, and your guest’s warmth and comfort. They also help elevate the look of your home. However, since they receive a lot of traffic, they can be filled with dirt, dust, and debris. If you want to keep your carpet clean and well-maintained, you should consider getting a professional carpet cleaning service.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

Improved Air Quality

Carpets can trap allergens, dust, dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants. These negatively affect the air quality inside your home or office. It can feel stuffy, and you might experience allergies and respiratory problems. Professional carpet cleaning services can remove these pollutants. Through our proven carpet cleaning solutions and equipment, we help improve the air quality in your home or establishment.

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Extended Carpet Life

Dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris build up in your carpet over time. These will stick to the fibers, making them split and degrade. By hiring a reliable professional carpet cleaning company like Professional Surface Restoration, you can be confident that the accumulated dirt will be thoroughly removed. This helps increase the longevity of your carpet. We utilize a deep-cleaning carpet solution that removes mold, mildew, sand, and dirt from your carpets’ fibers.

More Hygienic Living Environment

Another benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning service is having a more hygienic living space. In turn, you can protect the health and safety of your family. Regular professional carpet cleaning gets rid of dirt, debris, bacteria, pet dander, and other pollutants from your carpets.

Moreover, it helps prevent mold growth with the use of cutting-edge tools that deep clean and completely dry your carpets. Hence, you know your carpet and home are free from contaminants.

Remove Unpleasant Odors

Food and coffee spills and pet urine on your carpet can cause unwanted odors in your home. Even if you vacuum it several times, the smell will still linger. With a professional carpet cleaning service that includes steam cleaning, you can say goodbye to these odor problems.

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Enhance Your Home’s Overall Look

Aside from enhancing the overall health of your home, regular professional carpet cleaning can also make it look great. You won’t have to worry about stubborn stains on your carpet. Whether you’ve accidentally spilled a drink on it or your children’s shoes and pets’ paws have left dirt on it, a professional carpet cleaning service has you covered. With a clean, stain-free carpet, your home also looks fresh and welcoming.

Prevent Damage

Another advantage of having professionals clean your carpet regularly is you can prevent unnecessary and irreparable damage. Only professional carpet cleaners have specific advanced tools for more delicate carpet fibers.

Letting professionals clean your carpet regularly allows you to enjoy better air quality, extend your carpet’s lifespan, and enhance the overall health and look of your home. If you want to maximize these benefits and more, work with Professional Surface Restoration. Contact us today for more details.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

By Concrete Cleaning, Concrete Sealing

Professional concrete cleaning makes your flooring look fresh and emphasizes its beauty. Concrete sealing also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Together, they help extend concrete’s lifespan. To maximize these benefits, however, you’ll need to know the do’s and don’ts of concrete cleaning and sealing, which we’ll discuss below.

The Do’s of Professional Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

To ensure smooth and successful concrete cleaning and sealing, perform the following.

Remove Any Dirt

When you’re sealing concrete, don’t ignore dirt and stains. Vacuum or sweep the concrete floor to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris. Remove oil stains and grime from the concrete surface so that they won’t be sealed permanently once you apply the coating.

Put On Protective Clothing and Eyewear

When cleaning and sealing concrete, make sure to wear heavy-duty clothes, gloves, and protective eyewear. You might also want to wear a mask, so you won’t inhale the fumes. Wearing protective clothing keeps you safe from possible skin irritation and accidents. Once you’re done cleaning and sealing, change clothes right away.

Use the Right Cleaner and Sealer

To ensure safe and excellent results, use a cleaner that’s meant for concrete. This way, you won’t have a hard time removing dirt and stains or worry about damaging your concrete. Moreover, it’s important to use the right sealer. Consider factors like the look that you want and what the sealer has to repel. There are acrylic resin-based sealers, which are cheaper but of great quality. Penetrating sealers are also ideal for stain protection.

With a reliable company like Professional Surface Restoration, however, you can be confident that the best cleaner and sealer is used to keep your concrete in its best condition.

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The Don’ts of Professional Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Committing concrete cleaning and sealing mistakes can ruin your concrete instead of increasing its longevity. So, take note of the following don’ts of cleaning and sealing concrete.

Use Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals can cause damage to the floor and even remove the sealant. As a result, the surface becomes more prone to dirt and stains. You won’t have these kinds of problems when getting a professional to clean and seal your concrete floors.

Walk on Sealer While Wet

Walking on the sealer while it’s still wet will affect the way it dries. Also, the sealer is slippery when not yet dry, so it’s best to keep everyone safe by putting out some wet flooring signs.

Apply Sealer Unevenly

Make sure you carry out an even application of sealer regardless of if you roll it on or spray it. Moreover, make sure the application isn’t too thick so it won’t take long for the sealer to dry. You can always apply a second coat after applying the sealer too thin.

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Concrete cleaning and sealing add beauty to your home and make your concrete last longer. To enjoy the benefits in the long run, make sure to consider the do’s like using the right cleaner and wearing protective clothing. At the same time, avoid mistakes like uneven application of sealer and applying harsh chemicals. To experience professional and top-quality concrete cleaning and sealing results, it’s always best to work with Professional Surface Restoration. Contact us for more details.

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How Professional Floor Cleaning Can Transform Your Business and Improve Employee Well-being

By Floor Cleaning

Since the pandemic, people have generally been more conscious about cleaning than before. Now that many businesses are meeting face-to-face in an office again, addressing people’s concerns about cleanliness should be one of your priorities.

Regular maintenance is a good start, but that may take away time that could be dedicated to running your primary operations. Consider getting a professional floor cleaning service to properly disinfect your commercial property, assuring employees about your commitment to health.

You may be reluctant about getting professional floor cleaning. Perhaps you are convinced that you can save by cleaning your space yourself. If so, consider the following benefits this investment can offer.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Employees and clients traveling from elsewhere expect a friendly environment. Untidy floors in lobbies or bathrooms would turn off visitors. Clients may subconsciously associate your office with filth and avoid coming back, causing you to lose potential income.

Likewise, dirty floors may disgust your employees, demotivating them to go to the office. Accordingly, you would lose productivity. Avoid all these potential losses by having a professional cleaner address the dirt while you focus on your tasks.

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Save on Materials and Repairs

Hiring a professional surface cleaner is much cheaper than DIY cleaning if you look at the bigger picture. If you do it yourself, you need to buy cleaning materials that you might not have in your office.

Even if you do have the materials, you might use the wrong tool or cleaning agent. Then, you end up damaging your floors. Repairing your floors may cost more than what you would have paid an expert to clean.

Professional surface cleaners are experts for a reason. They understand what cleaning products are suitable for different kinds of surfaces and ensure that yours gets the correct treatment. Avoid costly repairs by investing in professional services.

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Keep People Healthy

Dirty floors contain germs and viruses, which could infect anyone. Even if your staff and clients are fully protected against potential illnesses, assuring that your space is clean can help people maintain good health.

Healthy workers help you avoid sick days, allowing you to keep up with necessary processes. As such, you can enjoy a more productive workplace. In addition, clients who can trust that they are safe in your office are likely to come back.

Invest in Professional Surface Restoration for Better Performance

Your office must reflect the quality services that you offer. Its appearance is its first impression, making it important to present your space as clean and safe to visit. With a professional cleaning service addressing your floor concerns, you can save more and enjoy better benefits.

Having a professional cleaner lets you focus on running business operations. Whether you need emergency or regular cleaning, these experts are committed to your commercial space’s cleanliness. On top of saving time, your employees can be more productive because you ensure that your space is free of viruses that can get them sick.

Overall, professional surface cleaning is an essential service for any business owner that cares about their office’s appearance and employees’ well-being. Get in touch with our commercial cleaning experts at Professional Surface Restoration to discuss your needs.