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July 2020

job opening - professional surface restoration

Job Opening: Laborer/Crew Leader

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Communication, Teamwork, Organization, Preparedness, Integrity are key to every job we do.

Job Title: Laborer/Crew Leader

Department: Operations

Reports To: Vice President of Operations.

We are Professional Surface Restoration, LLC located in Sylvania Ohio. You can find our company at or by looking us up on Google, BBB or Facebook. We
are a A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau.

Due to our success and our extensive growth we have opportunities for Laborers/Crew Leaders.

Your duties will include, but not limited too:

  • Restoration of Natural Stones
  • Deep Cleaning on Tile and Grout
  • Stripping Vinyl Floors
  • Apply Floor Finish to Vinyl Floors
  • Final Construction Cleanup
  • Specialty Coatings, Epoxy Floors
  • and much more.

No experience is required, but helpful. All training is done in house.

Starting pay is $12.00 per hour. The more experience the higher the pay. Raises are based on performance.

The typical work week varies. We have both day and night work Monday – Saturday. Typically,
Sundays will be your off days, however, throughout the summer, on busy work schedules, you
may have a to work on a Sunday. You may have a day where you work a few hours and then the
next day may be a 9-hour day, it is all based on our workload.

Full and Part Time Work is available.

Work boots are required. Shirts will be provided.

Retirement Plan is in place with a company match.

Interested parties should send their resume and references to:

Professional Surface Restoration
P.O. Box 306
Holland, Ohio 43528

If you have questions about this great opportunity, please call (419) 705-8693.


FAQs About Antimicrobial Floor Coating

By antimicrobial floor coating

Daily business concerns are often more than enough to keep you busy. Ensuring the safety and maintenance of the flooring can go from being a distant thought to an urgent problem that suddenly needs to be dealt with quickly, especially during these times of microbiological awareness. Preventing the spread of disease has become a singular priority in the last year and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

What Is Antimicrobial Floor Coating?

Microbial, sometimes called antibacterial, flooring is produced with an EPA-registered component that deters and inhibits the growth of microorganisms, which provides long-term protection from a wide-ranging spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeast, actinomycetes, and mildew. It can also protect your flooring from odor-causing microorganisms.

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For the best prevention possible, we use an antimicrobial dispersion throughout the resin used for the floor, rather than just in the sealer alone. This process maximizes antimicrobial protection, as well as giving the flooring a beautiful glossy shine.

Why Is It Important?

Bacteria and microbes exist nearly everywhere and in every environment. They can even survive in outer space. Imagine how easily germs can be carried into your facility by your staff, customers, shipping partners, and even by industrious creatures like rodents and tiny ones like insects. Your flooring is a high-traffic area and is likely to have the most exposure to microbes than any other part of your facility, therefore, it should be the most heavily protected from microorganisms. This is especially true of businesses that demand clean and safe processing environments.

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What Are the Benefits?

Concrete is naturally porous and is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, molds, and spores. These microbes grow in the moisture-retaining cracks and crevices found in concrete. Compared to bare concrete, antimicrobial flooring systems:

  • Provide a more microbiologically sound environment, which prohibits the growth of microbes, rendering your facility safer from health hazards.
  • Are USDA compliant and CFIA approved.
  • Come in a variety of colors and textures (for safety)
  • Can be installed very quickly, minimizing facility downtime
  • Are easy to clean and sanitize, eliminating the need for caustic chemicals which pollute the air

What Industries Are Best Benefited from Antimicrobial Flooring?

  • Manufacturer Processing and Packing Facilities
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Meat and Seafood Packing Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Bakeries, Kitchens, and Dairies
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities

The list is not exhaustive. Any business can benefit from antimicrobial floor coating since it provides a barrier for microbe growth, which is rapidly becoming an important focus of businesses around the world.

For more information on antimicrobial floor coating solutions and how they can benefit your particular business, reach out to Professional Surface Restoration today at (419) 705-8693.


Are You Aware of These Seven Epoxy Floor Benefits?

By Deep Cleaning, Epoxy Floors

If done well, flooring shouldn’t be a daily concern for your business. However, when maintaining the cleanliness of your business’s floor becomes a nightmare, and its surface provides safety hazards for you and your employees, flooring can quickly turn from an afterthought to a primary business environment issue. Fortunately, one type of commercial flooring can alleviate many of the concerns tied to your old flooring—epoxy flooring. Keep reading for epoxy floor benefits.

Epoxy Floor Benefits

Epoxy flooring consists of a durable, concrete floor sealed with an epoxy coating. As one of the most popular types of commercial flooring in use today, epoxy flooring is often found in laboratories, food and medicine plants and distribution centers, warehouses, garages, and manufacturing facilities. These industries often choose epoxy flooring because of the numerous benefits it holds over traditional bare concrete floors, including:

  1. Safety. Epoxy flooring offers low-slip options, as well as coatings that are resistant to extreme temperature changes and fire. Also, many epoxy coatings provide resistance to chemical spills and can more easily facilitate cleanups, keeping those working with hazardous chemicals safer than bare concrete alone.

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  1. Low Maintenance. Unlike concrete, epoxy coatings are non-porous, making it impossible for dirt, oil, and other stains to sink in. Cleanup of substances from dust to chemical spills is much easier than with a bare concrete floor.
  2. Strength and Durability. Once applied to your concrete floors, epoxy coatings harden to a durable polymer and extend the floor’s life. Concrete floors coated with epoxy are resistant to impacts, temperature extremes, and caustic chemicals, allowing them to wear much more slowly than a bare concrete floor.
  3. Reduced Vehicle Impact. Whether you utilize a fleet of transport vehicles for distribution, in-house machinery for loading, or both, epoxy flooring causes less wear than bare concrete flooring. In return, vehicle maintenance efforts and costs decline as well.

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  1. Environmentally Friendly. Epoxy flooring is considered a viable green alternative to other types of flooring that require more materials and need replacement more often. In addition, the reduced impact on your vehicle fleet can add years to vehicle life and require vehicle replacement less often.
  2. Attractive Qualities. Unlike a traditional concrete floor, epoxy flooring is available in practically any color combination and can enhance the appearance of your business—especially since it resists dirt and spills. Depending on the gloss you choose, epoxy flooring can also reflect overhead lighting and brighten your business space.
  3. Efficient Installation. Depending on the condition of your existing flooring, you may be able to apply epoxy flooring directly to your concrete. The overall ease of application and quick curing time allow business to continue as usual much more quickly than with other flooring installations.

Epoxy floor benefits include: non-porous, easy to clean, resistant to wear, and extends the life of traditional flooring. If you’d like to learn more about how adding an epoxy floor can eliminate your business’s flooring concerns, reach out to the experts at Professional Surface Restoration or call (419) 705-8693.