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3 Reasons to Regularly Clean Upholstery

clean upholsteryYou love your furniture and after such a big purchase, you want to safeguard your investment. You may have some questions, like:

  • What’s the best way to protect your furniture?
  • How often does upholstery need to be cleaned?
  • Are there benefits to regular cleanings?

Here’s why having your upholstery cleaned is good for your family, your investment, and your health.

Protect Upholstery Appearance

Your furniture experiences regular wear and tear. Even in the most meticulously maintained homes, over time, upholstery starts to look worn. It happens so gradually you may not notice. Regular cleaning prevents buildup from dust and everyday traffic. Homeowners are often amazed after a cleaning to see the dramatic difference.

Protect Your Family’s Health

Bacteria, dirt, and dust mites love soft surfaces. When you sit on your furniture, you shed hair and dead skin cells. Your pets shed hair. Fabric absorbs odors. Moisture from spilled beverages and sweat provides a place for bacteria to breed. All these elements irritate allergies and keep your home from smelling fresh.

Your Upholstery Needs Special Care

You read the labels on your clothes to decide what can be washed and what needs to be professionally cleaned. Do the same with your upholstered furniture. Find the tag or look it up on the manufacturer’s website to make sure you’re cleaning it the right way. Here are some common cleaning codes and what they mean.

  • W – This stands for water, meaning it’s okay to clean small spots and stains with water-based cleaning products. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.
  • S – Only clean upholstery marked with an S using solvents that are water-free. If you use water, you might get a water ring or cause dyes to run and fade.
  • WS or SW – You can use either water-based products or solvents on upholstery with this code, but you might damage the fabric. Test a small hidden area first or opt for professional cleaning.
  • X – Always have these fabrics professionally cleaned, even on small spots.

The best way to make sure your upholstery receives the best care is to hire a professional. Professional upholstery cleaners recommend upholstery be cleaned every 6-12 months, depending on use. Professional cleaning improves durability, removes allergens, and makes your home smell fresh.

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